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Adjustable Finger and Hand Exerciser Strengthener Hand Grip Exerciser

Adjustable Finger and Hand Exerciser Strengthener Hand Grip Exerciser

$13.49 $19.99

Finger Grip Strengthener And Hand Exerciser For Arthritis Therapy And Grip Finger Strengthening 
Whether you need therapy for general strengtheing of fingers or for strengthening for Guitar or Piano, this is a great tool for finger/grip strengthening
  • High-quality hand exerciser with spring-loaded finger piston technology and can strengthen each finger individually.
  • Grip strengthener allows each finger to be worked individually, therefore increasing overall hand strength, or allowing you to focus on a specific area. 
  • SPEED UP YOUR RECOVERY FROM INJURY: Our hand exercise equipment will strengthen your hand and forearm muscles, helping you get back to your pre-injury self quickly and safely! Workout ANYTIME, ANYWHERE - Very portable , carry with you in your luggage , back pocket , purse , or desk at the office 
  • Strengthening your grip and fingers is important for musical instruments , workouts at the gym , rock climbing , Fitness , and even typing on a computer 
  • Measures: 7.8cm tall by 8.8cm wide (3.07 x 3.46 inches)
  • Note:Comes in blue: color of blue may vary in shade of blue
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