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100 NASAL STRIPS LARGE Breathe Better Reduce Snoring Right Now

100 NASAL STRIPS LARGE Breathe Better Reduce Snoring Right Now

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Nasal Strips to Reduce and Ease Snoring~Can Also be used for Sports and Fitness Use~
Item Specifications: 
Size Large: 66x19 mm / 2.67" x .75" 
Storage: Store in a cool / dry place. 
Quantity: 100 Better Breath Nasal Strips
The Science of How Nasal Strips Work to Help You Sleep and Breathe Better:
Your nose is divided into two passageways to carry oxygen to our lungs through the nostrils (passageways) .Each nostril pathway narrows more and more to only 1/10” wide. With this, it is vital to have passageways 
clear to allow the maximum amount of oxygen through when we inhale through the nose
Unfortunately, if our nose passageways(airways) are more narrowed from colds, allergies and illness , they become more narroiwed and partially blocked reducing airflow that can lead to problems such as sleeplessness, fatigue and tiredness the next day.
Better Breath Nasal strips widen the nasal valves, helping you to breathe better by physically easing open the cartilage walls of the nose passageways.The correct use of nasal strips can help you sleep better by reducing snoring, reducing nasal congestion caused by a cold/allergies, and issues caused by a deviated septum.
Great for Fitness/Exercise:
Nasal strips can also increase Oxygen Saturation by allowing airways to stay more open to allow more air in to give you more energy with exercise and feeling better! From my personal experience being a Physical Therapist Assistant and studying Oxygen Saturation with exercise, I believe it helps me and my patients to breathe better with exercise. I also wear the nasal strip at night and feel more vibrant energy the following day 
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