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Drop Foot Brace Support Device for Nighttime Sleep & Gait -Prevent Contracture

Drop Foot Brace Support Device for Nighttime Sleep & Gait -Prevent Contracture

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Adjustable Night and Sleep Ankle Support Device to Prevent Foot Drop
AFO and for people w/Stroke or Hemiparesis

1 Pair (2 Pieces) used for 1 ankle foot, multifunctional
to use with Gait/Ambulation as Dorsiflex Support/AFO

This item is ideal for being used at night for a nighttime foot drop preventive device to prevent contracture (Contracture is stiffening and tightening of calf muscle over time from foot drop or hang that can lead to permanent Contracture) These work like an expensive foot drop boot but in my opinion are nice because they are

1. Lightweight
2. Allow Air flow to help prevent moisture that can lead to skin softening and breakdown
3. They serve 2 functions-Nighttime foot Drop Prevention and can also be used (see BENEFIT/FEATURE#2) as an AFO for Gait/walking therapy for increased gait quality

I am a Physical Therapist Assistant and have used these type of Support AFO type Braces for my patients. The two pieces are used: 1 piece above ankle and on foot that connects to above the abkle to keep foot positioned upward into a dorsiflexed position at night to prevent contracture of ankle/calf. The device also benefits by  promoting passive stretch to calf muscle before therapy treatment.

2 Pieces Shown Below in Pic

After Night time use, or any other time you can use 1 of these as an AFO(Ankle Foot Orthotic Brace) to help keep foot in what we call a Dorsiflexed position to keep ankle and foot in upward position to clear floor with the swing phase of gait to clear floor for increased gait/walking quality

They are easy to apply, Lightweight and patients prefer them for their ease of use and Cosmetic Features. One Benefit that is really nice is they don't constrict or apply pressure on the skin, as they are used on the outside part of the lower leg and attach to the shoe. One Size Fits all!

  • Reduces the risk of tripping and falling
  • Fully Adjustable Range of Lift (Dorsiflexion Range Adjustable on Ankle with Strap)
  • Improve walking posture, and makes walking safer and more natural.
  • Light weight, comfortable to wear.
  • Wear your regular shoes! NO special shoes required.
  • One size fits most adults, both OK for right and left feet. 
  • For the maximum ankle circumference: 30cm(11.8 inches)
Thank you!

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