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Eliking Ipro Compatible Massage Lead Cables with 16 Massage Pads

Eliking Ipro Compatible Massage Lead Cables with 16 Massage Pads

$23.95 $29.95

Change your Eliking model leads that use 2.5mm plug for these cables that are 2.5mm plug that have 3.5mm snaps to save money on pads. Your model uses proprietary snaps that only fit Eliking Pads. With these cables that fit your unit (2.5mm plug) these leads connect to pads that are good quality at a lower cost.
Once you replace your ORIGINAL ELIKING PRO Cable with this cable, the Electrodes I sell are much more cost effective, and you will save a SIGNIFICANT AMOUNT OF MONEY using these pads instead of the Proprietary ELIKING Brand Pads. 
Note:Please be sure your model has 2.5mm jack, works with brands/models with 2.5mm jack-These are great quality pads that work with the supplied 2.5mm lead cables. This enables you to be able to use these less expensive pads at great quality
Pads have a thick layer of non-irritating conductive gel that adheres well to your skin, but leaves no sticky residue when the electrodes are removed.  
Pads are Reusable and fit 3.5mm supplied snap connect lead(included)
Pads wipe clean with a damp cloth.
The Measurements of pads are: 2" x 3".
Includes 16 Pads (8 sets) and 2 snap connection lead cables with 2.5mm Plug to connect to Eliking Pro Unit.. Each set of pads (2 pads) are packaged in a resealable storage bag.


Thank you and have a wonderful day! 

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