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Energy Pendant Rose Quantum Science Scalar Negative Ions Necklace Emf Protection

Energy Pendant Rose Quantum Science Scalar Negative Ions Necklace Emf Protection

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Energy Pendant Rose Quantum Science Scalar Negative Ions Necklace Emf Protection

Quantum Pendant is more than just personal energizing fashion accessory, it is also use to relieve headaches, cramps, stomach, joint/muscle pains, emf shield protection, help sleep, jet lag, energize beauty applications, energizes drinks, use for pets and other animals, aquarium, plants and flowers, longer shelf life of fruits and vegetables, and many more.

How to use your Quantum Energy Pendant?

1. Just Wear it-To energize Body
2. Keep in Pocket to block EMF waves
3. Place it where you have pain to reduce pain and discomfort
4. Place it on Joint and Muscle Pain area-to relieve pain and speed recovery
5. Place it under your pillow for good nights sleep and relaxation
6. Place it under your Beauty Lotion Bottle to energize your moisturizer, creams ..
7. Place it next to your drinks-to energize wine, water, juice and more.
8. Hook it on your pets collar to make them feel happier and energized
9. Put it in your aquarium or flower vase-to clean water and double shelf life of flowers.
10. Put it in your fridge or fruit basket-to keep fruits and vegetables fresh and delicious


Features and Benefits:
  • Quantum Pendant scalar energy w/5000 negative ions.
  • May help with pain relief. may strengthen your endurance.
  • Historically used to help with stability, especially for people prone to fall or stumble.
  • May increase your energy levels and sustain them throughout your day and help improve your quality of sleep.
  • Promote blood circulation, enhance metabolism
  • It will transmit nutrients and oxygen to cell and expel toxin in our body, people won’t have feel cold with hand and feet any more
  • It will provide energy to blood corpuscle and lower viscosity, then reduce the chance to get cardiovascular disease, heart disease and wind-stroke
  • Improve metabolism and detox
  • Release tension and body aches, tight and stiff muscles
  • Prevent mental fatigue, Tranquilize the mind
  • Improve sleeping quality
  • Enhance mental focus to get good performance on job; reduce anxiousness and improve attention in studying.
  • Make people feel fresh in long distance driving or frequent driving.
  • Renews balance and strength, promotes body flexibility
  • Improve older people’s strength and balance thus helping prevent falls
  • For athletes it can help increase physical,endurance and strength, with good performance.
  • Enhance physical ability, and keep feeling of youth and good health, with more vitality.
  • Strengthen human body BIO energy field to prevent harmful electromagnetic wave(s)
  • Protect us from electromagnetic waves from computer, mobile phone, electrical appliance, telecommunications and so recovers our body with efficient balance and coordination.
  • Stabilizes oxygen supply in blood, activate blood corpuscle
  • Improve body cell activity and body immunity
  • Energy stone crystal with 2000 negative ion can form a electric field around, with micro-current 0.06mA. Under this electric field, bacteria and mould will be restrained, decomposed and then lose the ability of reproduce.

Measures 24" with Adjustable Chain
  • Features/Benefits of scalar energy:
  • Scalar energy is a subtle energy that can be harness to produce healing energy frequencies that can through while experimenting with violently abrupt direct current electrical charges.
  • Scalar Energy has exited since beginning of time. It`s a natural energy,no side-effects.
    It can adjust our body cell to optimum, help you play your best in movement.
  • Scalar energy will move in all directions and diffuse, it will fill in all the space around. It can go through solid but without any decrease on strength.
  • Scalar energy can go into solid, and it will keep permanent and won`t lose
  • It can remold itself infinitely.
  • Scalar energy can attach to DNA

Benefits of scalar energy:

  • Improve cell energy to 70-90 mv, relieve fatigue,fatigue and muscle inflexibility
  • Strengthen the Hydrogen bond energy between DNA,it will protect DNA cellula from damage,prevent cancel.
  • Improve penetrability of cell wall,promote the cell alibity of deriving nutrients.
  • Improve our detox system
  • Refine blood,improve blood state and help ajust blood pressure
  • Strengthen immunity system
  • Promote our concentrating attention,keep mind clear and good eyesight
  • Eliminate the negative effects of man-made frequency in body (60 cps)
  • Reduce electromagnetic radiation
  • Improve sexual capacity, immunity and our health relieving stress, improving sleep quality, and enhancing memory
  • Promotes attention with better analytical ability
Thank you and have a wonderful day! 


The information provided is not intended for diagnosis or treatment of any health problem or for prescription of any medication or other treatment. Please consult your health care provider for advice about a specific medical condition

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