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Formthotics Original Dual Medium Density Orthotics

Formthotics Original Dual Medium Density Orthotics


About Formthotics:

The Formthotics™ Difference:
Formthotics™ are made by Foot Science International in New Zealand, using a
unique design and manufacturing process to create the world’s most comfortable
customizable orthotic. Guaranteed. Formthotics have been scientifically
proven with 40 years of research

  • The top seller - an excellent balance between comfort and support
  • Dual layer of foam has a softer, cushioning top layer and a medium hardness base for better compliance and comfort.
  • Suitable for conditions where additional cushioning is required without compromising stability or functionality
  • Provides optimum patient comfort

Quality Made:
3D milled Process:
Formthotics are 3D milled from a block of foam. This process creates a consistent foam structure across the orthotic, minimising pressure points.
Formthotics use a unique manufacturing process where the foam is 3D milled from a block, not compressed or injection moulded like many other foam orthotics.

Because Formthotics are 3D milled, the foam structure remains consistent and does not have heavily compressed thin areas associated with compression moulded foam,
and the foam still has the ability to be moulded. The 3D milling of Formthotics ensure the heel, arch and forefoot structure of our feet are supported in the correct way and the thermoforming provides a customized fit for your feet.

Formthotics are heat moulded to your foot for a truly customised fit, better support and control. Thermoforming optimises the performance of Formthotics creating a close, personalised fit between the foot and footwear. Formthotics can be thermoformed any number of times and will retain their new shape (even after intense use and re-heating) to ensure lasting total support. Formthotics are mouldable at relatively low temperatures. In comparison, most other foam orthotics that are compression moulded – typically EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) foam – cannot effectively be moulded or remoulded. The heat and compression moulding manufacturing process alters the EVA cell structure, preventing the foam from holding a new shape when fitted; this forces the foam to return to the original manufactured shape.

Heel Cup:

The deep heel cup creates a snug 3 dimensional fit around the heel, assisting with shock absorption and minimizing heel strike.The Formthotics deep heel cup provides increased support and control around your heel, creating a more accurate fit to your
footwear that is customized to your feet.

As Formthotics™ were designed by sports medicine specialists, to keep you on your feet for longer. Formthotics will help you perform more efficiently, they will:

  • Increase comfort and responsiveness
  • Improve stability and strength
  • Reduce muscle fatigue
  • Improve recovery time
  • Support your feet naturally
  • Increase you confidence; know where your foot is and what it’s doing.
  • Maintain your centre of gravity and increase your power
  • Increase shoe comfort
  • Reduce tiredness in feet, legs and muscles
  • Formthotics™ provide a balanced, stable foundation for your body. Think of your body as a house and your feet as its foundations. No matter how solid the walls may be, your house is only as stable as its foundations.

Arch Support:
The arch support ensures your foot is supported in a neutral position, providing longitudinal, lateral and transverse arch support under the metatarsal heads.
The Formthotics arch support is assisted by a unique teardrop shape milled into the foam on the underneath side of Formthotics. Milling the material from the outside (lateral) edge enhances support on the inside (medial) edge.

Formthotics foams are developed by Foot Science International and are specifically formulated for orthotics.Formax is made from high grade ‘closed cell’, proprietary polyethylene foam. The foam is firmer and will holda moulded shape longer and more accurately than EVA foam. It is flexible, lightweight, supportive, waterproof, resistant to fungi and mould, and hypo-allergenic.

Antimicrobial/Can I wash my Formthotics?:
Can I wash my Formthotics?

Yes you can. Simply wash them in cold or warm water with a little detergent and rinse with water. Dry them with a towel and replace them in your shoes. The Formax™ foam is waterproof and does not absorb sweat, preventing the growth of bacteria and fungi which causes foot odor and may lead to infection or athlete’s foot (tinea). Formthotics are antimicrobial, antibacterial and antifungal.Formthotics contain Ultra-Fresh™ which inhibits the growth of bacteria and fungi that create foot odor and staining, keeping your feet healthy.

We have 7 Sizes Available:

XXS (WOMEN'S 4-5) (MEN'S 4-5)
XS (WOMEN'S 5.5-7) (MEN'S 5.5-6)
SM (WOMEN'S 7.5-9) (MEN'S 6.5-7.5)
MED (WOMEN'S 9.5-10.5) (MEN'S 8-9)
LG (WOMEN'S 11-12) ( MEN'S 9.5-10.5)
XLG (MEN'S 11-12.5)
XXL (MEN'S 13-15)

Please See these Important Steps for Selecting and Fitting your Formthotics:
Please see the picture on this listing of how to fit my Formthotics. These are easy to understand instructions to form your new Formthotics
with the use of a Hairdryer.

Return Policy for this Product:
We only accept returns in exchange for a different size or model, given the return product is sent back in its original and undamaged package. Buyer pays shipping back to us. Please provide tracking and once product is received we will email you confirmation and communicate with you the size you need.

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