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LiftSaver Transducer Pole Mount for Garmin Livescope & others-Keep Tpole Stable

LiftSaver Transducer Pole Mount for Garmin Livescope & others-Keep Tpole Stable


LiftSaver Transducer Pole Mount for Garmin Livescope & others-KEEP TPOLE STABLE

YouTubeVideo of Liftsaver TM Mounting Bracket

LiftSaver Transducer Pole Mount for Garmin Livescope and others to KEEP TPOLE STABLE

The LiftSaver Transducer Pole Mount allows you to mount the new Garmin Livescope and other transducers completely independent of the trolling motor so that your images stay clear and easy to comprehend. You can also ‘point’ your transducer at the objectsthat you would like to see and fish. No more trying to guess where the transducer is pointing and where is the fish/structure that you saw just a few seconds ago.

How it Works:
The LiftSaver Transducer Pole mounts to the bow of your boat where it best fits for your application (you drill the holes to be able to match any existing holes and you can cut the mounting angle iron to any length that you need)

With use of the mount, the pole can be rotated in either the horizontal position for trailering or running across the lake or the vertical position to fish. A threaded pin/knob keeps it securely held in the vertical position.

The LiftSaver Transducer Pole also can slide within the brackets so that you can adjust the depth of the transducer while fishing and pull it completely up out of the water as you troll over to your next fishing spot while it is still in the vertical position.

Locking Collar also included with the Mount Kit

A locking collar is provided with each LiftSaver Transducer Pole Mount for the pole height adjustment. You can also slide the pole back while it is in the horizontal position so you can protect the transducer and have the rest of the pole inside your boat while running the lake (I recommend using a Ram Mount Claw to secure the pole while traveling – not included)

Materials in the Mount:

Made from Carbon Steel and Aluminum
High quality components so it will last.
The mount is also primed with self-etching primer
Finished with quality black paint so it looks good and lasts.

Materials and Notes on the Pole (Pole Not Included, but Simple to attain and use with the mount with the Steps below):

Once you purchase the LiftSaver Transducer Pole Mount (Pole not included due to very high shipping and shipping logistics of the pole).
you can get the pole from your local hardware store and bend/install yourself (Lowe’s Item # 72713 Model # 101550 - Metallic Emt 10-ft Conduit). The pole has a 90 degree bend to provide a convenient handle and direction indicator and comes with a rubber handle for comfort and the pole can be cut to the length you desire.

Note: Please note that the transducer wire will not fit inside the pole
because of the connector knob. I just zip tied and taped the wire
at the transducer and ¾ ways up the pole so it could slide back and forth.

Our Products are proudly made in the USA
Transducer Mount Includes one year warranty!

Mount only with height collar included $199.99
Also as a Bonus we will include a new rubber handle for pole Please NOTE--(This price does not include actual Pole)

Note: Pictures in this listing are for illustrative purposes and does not include other items in pictures other than Transducer Mount.

If you have questions about attaining the pole for the mount please contact me to discuss at Please be sure to include phone number so I can contact you as well

Thanks for Looking!

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