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Patella Tendon Knee Brace Velcro Strap Belt Support Adjustable Breathable  New

Patella Tendon Knee Brace Velcro Strap Belt Support Adjustable Breathable New


Product Description:
Fully Adjustable and Breathable Strap Patella Knee Tendon Support New
How it works:
  • Easy Application and comfortable to wear 
  • The special design of embraces fragile patella joint and aching muscles.
  • The Support Brace protects patella by supporting it to help patella stay in place to avoid injury and dislocation
  • Lightweight 
  • In addition to firm support, its special design prohibits slipping or rolling of patella. 
  • It can be used for both the right and left knee
I am a Physical Therapist Assistant, and working with knee brace supports, I can appreciate the benefits of this brace support strap. Its double layer strap gives the patella the support it needs being a fragile and movable joint.I have used the double support brace on my patients and can appreciate its attributes.
You love sports because your body is your personal piece of real estate. And body real estate is priceless. It stays with you all your life so it's in your best interest to keep it in good working condition. And this includes the prevention of sprains and injury as a result of muscles and joints and tendons that aren't properly stretched or warmed up before your intended exercise. It might be playing volleyball,basketball or squash, it might be working out at the gym, trying to bench press two plates and a dime. What's more, let's say you're already injured. This product also acts as a brace to speed up healing. It's versatile and very effective. Whatever your condition, you owe it to yourself to get this premium protection device for sports support. Made of natural and synthetic blends for years and years of use, along with adjustable one size fits all support at a price that's a small fraction of what you'd expect to pay at your local sports store. This style in particular is worn on the knee. It's comfortable to use and washes easily. Give 110% to your favorite physical activity without worry today. 
Color: black
One size fits most
Suitable for Knee circumference in range of : 12.5" to 17.7"
Dimension: about 16.9" long x 3.14 wide"
(lying flat)
Thank you and have a great day!

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