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Conductive Socks for Tens Massager Machine

Conductive Socks for Tens Massager Machine


Conductive Socks with Options to Add Cables

The conductive socks help block neuropathy foot pain, and increase foot nerve stimulation while increasing circulation to decrease neuropathy foot pain. In order for the socks to function they hook up to a TENS Massager or Digital Massager with lead cables that can snap on to the socks. 

They feel great when hooked up to your TENS or Digital Massager to give your feet a nice massage while giving health benefits of increasing circulation and relieving pain. The unit/socks provide comfort and relief through electrical impulses that feel like a massage. These electrical impluse waves block pain signals to brain and instead provide electrical pulsating massage signals. In other words, the unit prevents pain impulses from being carried to the brain. This is called the 'pain gate' effect

Connection: The snap connections on the socks are 3.5mm. Please check the plug size of your electrode lead wire jack or check the size you need. If you need lead wires, we offer options to add 2.5, 3.5mm and snap to 2mm pin cables that hook to your electrode lead wires that have the male 2mm  pins.


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